Hi, I'm Joe, a Writer, Magician, and Comic Book Nerd from Parts Unknown.

Get in touch at joe@joeforrest.com


Father, U.S. Military Veteran, Writer, and Magician. Joe has traveled the world and seen some things.

Growing up on reading comic books and novels, Joe wanted to tell those very same stories. His lifelong education has been devoted to that task. Finally achieving this task, with a technical writing day job and creating fictional worlds at night, he moves forward to tell tales that until now remained untold.

In addition to the writing, the other main pursuit that has dominated Joe's life has been the study of the occult, occulture at large, modern magick, and theology/mythology. Joe is an ordained minister, a dabbler in the fine occult arts, and thoroughly enjoys the study of theology/mythology in an attempt to discern words of the gods from words of men.